Communication, Music & Noise Protection

There are a number of different communication systems available suitable for security, sales, broadcasting, sports and aviation etc. Nanocomm system shown is available in different configurations for different equipment. There are other systems available for covert use etc. Please call regarding requirements.

In Ear Monitors are available in a range of styles for professional musicians, DJs, TV presenters and to improve your personal music enjoyment. The Elacin range can provide interchangeable levels of noise protection but can also be configured as custom monitors.

It is well known that exposure to loud noise in industry and firearms damages hearing. What is less appreciated is that music at clubs, concerts etc. also damages hearing. We are able to provide a number of discrete custom made hearing protection systems. These systems can provide a large attenuation in level for protection in clubs etc, a preset attenuation for musicians or variable attenuation allowing normal speech to be heard while protecting the hearing. Protect your hearing, once it is gone, it is gone forever.

For more details of these, please call with your requirements.